When I Dream, I Feel Like This.

I often dream and when I dream, I feel like this: Then suddenly, I fall onto the earth. Real people, real life, love, competition, hate, revenge, joy, everything is there. I remember that I am a human. Then, something terrible starts to work: my incredibly strong memory. I start to recall everything, my disappointments, my […]

Pi & Richard Parker vs. Melike & Life.

In the practice of surrender When I first met the word, “Surrender,” I thought that its concept was very easy. I said to myself, “I can surrender.” But I couldn’t do it for many years. I tried to change everything according to my beliefs and understanding. It didn’t happen. I just became angry and frustrated. Life […]


What is love? Can you hold it? Can you buy it? Can you change it? Can you pray for it and get it? What does it look like? Is it like a fish, which is hard to catch by hand? Is it like a genie that grants your wishes? Is it a prison that holds you […]


Eğer niyetiniz İngilizce ya da başka bir dil öğrenmekse öncelikle kendinize şu soruyu sorun: Ben bu dili öğrenip ne yapacağım? Akademik kariyer yapacağım İnternette bu dili kullanan insanlarla arkadaşlık edeceğim Yabancı kaynaklardan çalışmalar yapacağım Filmleri altyazısız izleyeceğim Alzheimer hastalığından kendimi koruyacağım Bu dilin konuşulduğu bir toplulukta ya da bir yerde kendimi basitçe ifade ederek hayatta […]


ACCESS, LOVE, LIVE, EXPRESS YOURSELF 1) Witnessing my thoughts I watch my thoughts and most of the time they are so funny. At every opportunity, they try to remind me of my past experiences or they force me to take some precautions to avoid the possible pain in the future. In the past, I took […]