1) Witnessing my thoughts
I watch my thoughts and most of the time they are so funny. At every opportunity, they try to remind me of my past experiences or they force me to take some precautions to avoid the possible pain in the future. In the past, I took them very seriously but now I know they aren’t me…I just watch them like a movie and laugh at them. Then the film comes to an end. I find myself where I am, I am now, the present. Time is now…

2) Driving and singing
With the open window, I feel the wind sweeping my face. The speed of the car is in harmony with the rhythm of the song. It is like a party. I vibrate with the song’s energy. It is an explosion of all the emotions, driving in ecstasy.

3) Watching the sea, dreaming the ocean
Sitting by the sea, if it is smooth, it is the best. Looking at the horizon where the sky meets the sea. I know it is just an illusion, the sea never finishes, it expands, expands and expands. Maybe at some point it unites with something bigger than it; a colassal ocean. There is an ocean far far away from here, I can’t see it but I know it is there. It has also got a coast and there is life there, just like here.
I feel like as if I were a tiny drop in that sea and wandering around the ocean…

4) Swimming
When I swim, I feel the wholeness of my body, my breath, and water…While I am moving my arms and legs in accordance with my inhale and exhale, the little drops of water give me a smooth massage. It is like living in a world of water with mindful fairies…

5) Practicing Yoga
While broadening, lengthening and grounding necessary parts of my body, synchronizing my movements with my breath, I go deeper, deeper, deeper and deeper by means of sensation and self-inquiry… I get into my skin, face my pain, my cravings, my happiness, whatever hanging on my mind and go through all of them. Finally, I find myself in that place where I am full of love, happiness, and joy….

6) Having a Turkish Bath (Hamam)

First, I go to the sauna and lay down on one of the stairs of it. Feel the warm and dry air inside and outside my body and start to perspire. Then, I go to the other room where there is a raised slab in the center. I lay down on the slab. I am washed from head to toes. First, she uses the glove that scrubs away the dead skin on my body. After I get rinsed off, I am doused in soap and get a simple massage. Then I have a freezing shower…Finally, I leave the bathroom, dry off and wear my clothes in my little room.
I feel as light as a bird, as clean as spring water. I want to sleep endlessly in this mood.

7) Writing
Writing is my soul’s ultimate expression…

Don’t go for second best baby
Put your love to the test you know, you know you’ve got to
Make him express how he feels and maybe
Then you’ll know your love is real
Long stem roses are the way to your heart but
He needs…

P.S. Without the heart, there can be no understanding between the hand and the mind.

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